Maths Kit



Maths Kit: Our maths kit works on games that helps children develop a better sense of numbers. Our kit contains two fun games which work on improving a sense of confidence when jumping around a number line.

Game one: This game is specifically designed to help children hop around a number chart with ease. We believe learning maths should be about learning the most efficient way to solve a problem. Adding and subtracting in groups of ten is as easy as rabbit hopping up and down.

Game two: A game using counters and tens frames. Tens frames really help those visual learners! Using tens frames help children become familiar with “seeing” numbers in relation to the two foundation numbers- five and ten. This works on kiddies’ visual memory and subitizing! Subitizing is the ability to instantly recognize the number of objects without counting them. If a learner is able to efficiently picture a number increasing and decreasing in their heads, we are fostering a deep number sense.


  • Write and wipe sleeve
  • Game one: number mat and 36 addition and subtraction cards
  • Game two: number mat, 20 ten frame cards and two tens frame grids
  • Twenty counters